Monday, January 25, 2010

New Pull Over Bonnet Caps For Hijabs

New Pull Over Bonnet Caps For Hijabs in various forms of prints, designs, patterns and sizes launched in the online market recently by muslimbase.

Hijab Pins In Different Beautiful Designs

I have found some of the beautiful designs of hijab pins at muslimbase online shopping website. There is lot of different varieties in different types of stones, patterns and colours.

Kuwaiti Hijabs A New Hijab Fashion

A Hijab with a combination of style and convenience. This Hijab Provides the beautiful elegance to the wearer of this hijab. This hijab is ideal for the working woman and it is also suitable for social dressing.
I have found some beautiful kuwaiti hijabs at

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Is Hijab a Fashion or Traditional Trend?

Some people believe that Hijab is a traditional trend which is going on since long time, but some people say its more over Hijab Fashion rather than traditional trend……you can find number of different patterns and styles these days…..what do you think is hijab a fashion or a traditional trend?